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*Krisch's Weekly Weather Newsletter*

May 2-8, 2004
What a wild weekend here in eastern NC with a stormy weekend and a stormy start to the work week with storms rumbling through the area this Monday morning with the potential for more strong storms today thorough mid- to late afternoon. Some of these storms will contain moderate to heavy rainfall this morning and this afternoon with some partial clearing to the west some storms that do form will have the potential to produce small hail and gusty winds, and again very heavy rainfall. The summary for last week was mild during the week with dry conditions with temps in the loer to mid 70's with some low 80's mixed in during the week. Last weekend we saw a strong but slow moving cold front moving into the area with strong to severe storms at times. The main threat out of all the storms where very heavy rainfall, small hail, and deadly lightening. But there where some severe weather reports in NC with 1 possible tornado reported in Harnett County, NC. Reports came in as roofs being torn off of houses in that area. And other reports where wind damage reported in central NC, near Raliegh. But other than that we are getting much needed rain due to the lack of it and a possible minor drought starting if we didn't get this rainfall. Total Dopplar Radar estimates for rainfall starting April 30- May 3, 2004 at 9:38am is 3.00"-3.50" and rain is still falling. The total would probably add up to 4.00"-4.50" after this cold front fial sweeps through the area late this afternoon and evening. The outlook for this week is partly to mostly sunny skys with dry conditions and temperatures starting off cool in the low 70's and warming up to the mid 80's by later in the week. No storms are forecasted through this period as of today 5/3/2004.
April 25- May 1, 2004
The weather for this week is going to start off on the wet side with some rain showers in here on Monday with a slight potential of a severe thunderstorm with mainly a hail and wind and a flooding threat for the stronger and slower moving storms. The rest if the week  is going to look cooler than normal so we will be below average for a day or two before we recover into the high 70's and low 80's. The next chance of rain won't be until next week sometime. Currently we are moving into a drought but just a minor drought as of this time. But if we don't get any heavy downpouring soaking rains then we could be having ourselves a minor to a moderate drought here in North Carolina, and in the Southeastern United States alone. Currently this year alone we have only recieved about 5-6 inches of rain and in below yearly average. 

April 11-24, 2004
I appolize that i wasn't able to write a summary of the weather for the past 2 weeks. I was very busy at other things, so when i get time to type a summary for those 2 weeks i'll let you know i the Newsletter.
Website director

April 4-10, 2004
Hello, I hope everyone had a nice cool weekend and that you are awake today after the dayights savings time. The weather story for last week was pretty quite other than a rain shower and a thunderstorm that where widely scattered in the area. We only picked up under 100's of an inch or so here in Lumberton. Other than that the amount of rain wasn't going to put a dent in the pollen count because it remained at or near high all week. Sunday a cold front passed through the area with a quite windy and cool day. I did expect the air mass to drop the humidity down below 25% putting us in a Red Flag Warning yesterday and today. But only minor brush fire was reported in SC. Monday night is going to be another hard freeze with temperture readings going below 32 tonight to about 30 degrees. The rest of the week we will have a minor 40% chance of rain or a thunderstorm as the next front moves in form the southwest bringing us a chance of a thunderstorm or 2. Other than that the temps will rebound once again in to the 60's and maybe 70's this week with over night lows in the 40's and low 50's during the week.

March 28 - April 3
I got some good news for the people out there wanted some rain to clean the air out and the reduce the pollen in the air. Well the only chance for rain will be on Tuesday as a cold front pushed eastward. But this cold front isn't going to produce alot of measureable rainfall but it will bring in a NW windflow and a little bit of rain to clear the air out. But just to let you know we are not in a drought yet but March will be on the records for the driest March on record. Well thats all the news i have for now out of the weather center for this but stay tune in next week for a full stories worth of Tornado reports for the month of March and the current numbers on for the year.

3-21-04 -3-27-2004
     Winter weather here in Lumberton, NC has seemed to make a come back in temperature wise but not snow or ice is going to be in the forecast tonight or through the week. Monday night is going to be probably are last freeze but a hard one to. Temps here in southeastern NC is expected to dip down to the mid 20's with some spots in the low 20's. The cause to this hard freeze on Monday night is a strong cold front blowing quietly through North Carolina and behind the front a strong Artic area of high pressure ushering in very cold air from Canada. And with that a calm wind and clear skies will lead to a hard freeze. But for the rest of this week i'm expecting the High pressure to stay in the area through the week and bring earm weather starting Weds- the weekend. Some week in April i will be e-mailing the Warning Cor. of the NWS office in Wilmington for a possible SkyWarn training for thise who want to be trained to become a spotter and report severe weather to the NWS when its imminient. Or to refresh your mind on spotting. If interested in coming please e-mail me at because i need at least 10 people to come for the Warning Cor. from our local NWS office.
3-14-04 - 3-20-2004
      Winter has seem to end here in North Carolina due to spring on our door step. Spring starts on March 20, 2004 @ 1:47am. Due to that the sun is getting to a higher angle and the air is being heated more than when winter first started back in December of 2003, when the angle of the sun was at its lowest point during the year. But March is a tricky month for winter weather here in North Carolina. Also this is the month when NC is at its highest of Severe Weather. But through all of spring, March-June we are at risk of potential severe weather. This month is the anniversiary of the March 20, 1998 Severe Weather and Tornado Outbreak, and the March 28, 1984 Carolina's Tornado Outbreak. So as you see March can be a very active time of the year for Tornadoes. So beware and be prepared. And stay on top of severe weather during all of spring and summer, and fall. The one advise that i would give people is, is to purchase a NOAA Weather Radio with the new SAME technology to alert you when any type of severe weather strikes your county with the new SAME technology it will only alert you when your county is issued a severe weather warning, and or watch. Plus make sure it has a battery back-up and a loud tone to alert you when you are in bed. So go out if you don't kave one a purchase one for under $50.00 for a AC/DC powered and battery back-up and/or a handheld with the same features. It may one day save your life and lives of others. 
Michael Allen Krisch
SkyWarn Spotter,
Junior Meteorologists

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